Barfly- Irish Independent Supplement

This is the pub of pubs in Roundstone. All dark wood, cosy corners, rustic charm and a seafood restaurant next door. Although having sampled it, the bar food does the job just the same. The village was built in the 1820’s by the Scottish engineer Alexander Nimmo. Daily catches of lobster, crayfish, crab, mackerel and oysters (to name a few) make the daily specials worth trying. The pub has been in the O’Dowd family for nearly 100 years, having been bought by Richard O’Dowd in 1904. But where else to order fish? Roundstone is one of the oldest fishing villages in Connemara. And the scenery, as one city slicker friend of mine discovered, can be just as good indoors. “I’ll have one hot-buttered fisherman”, she said on one particular evening (and that’s before she had her third G&T). I got her some Ling and chips, instead. Having left my card behind the bar, I promptly forgot it. When I returned the next day, the barman told me he’d taken the liberty of charging it in case I wasn’t coming back. How charming for him to underestimate the power of his own hospitality. This might hurt him more than it hurts me but, of course, I’ll be back. Just try stopping (or barring me). AT THE BAR: Blow-ins from London and Dublin and a smattering of local fishermen, of course. IN THE GLASS: Pint of lager costs €3.50 while a pint of Guinness at a mere €3.15 is hard to beat. ON THE STEREO: This is one place you won’t get a stereo in your ear. The best you could hope for is a sing-a-long. ON THE PLATE: Fresh Plaice and chips costs €9.95. ADDED EXTRAS: You can walk off your lunch on one of the marvellous beaches (Dog’s Bay or Gurteen) nearby.

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