Local Prawns

Our Fresh local Rosaveal Prawns sauteed in garlic & served in their shells, are one of our most popular dishes. We buy direct from the fishermen at Rosaveal fish auction, just thirty miles away,  ensuring that we get the best and freshest product for our customers. Our prawns are on the menu within two hours of the auction and are often still hopping as they are put on the pan! Simply sauteed with garlic butter for two minutes and served in their shells, We have customers returning for days on end just to have our prawns.
The Rosaveal prawns are caught between the Aran Islands and the porcupine bank. They are also known as langoustines (to the french) or Dublin bay prawns (if you live on the east coast)

We also serve a Fisherman’s platter comprising our freshest local fish, it usually consists of Prawns, Oysters, Mussels, Roundstone Crab, Fresh & Smoked Connemara Salmon and smoked local Mackerel, but could include an addition or two depending on whats just arrived.

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