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The landscape was becoming more lusher and the villages more populated as we made for Roundstone and O’Dowd’s pub and seafood bar overlooking the small fishing harbour. A real irish pubs award was on the old, wood-panelled wall and the place turned out to be a genuine treat. I gazed out the window to the sea as i scoffed the nine plump scallops in herb butter and fresh, fat chips that made up lunch. We were only a short flight from London but a million miles from the irish “theme” pub. I allowed myself, briefly , to feel smug in the snug. After lunch, we wandered around the town: a pretty little place with freshly painted white cottages and a plethora of art galleries. At 3.30pm, it was back in the car for the hour long drive back to Galway. The day trip had proved to be a stunning highlight in our visit to Ireland; Connemara, more enticing than i could ever have imagined. – Jo Knowsley

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